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Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L v2 Review

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Peak Design Everyday Backpack

When I visited the Baltics in 2023, I brought my Peak Design Everyday Sling for my camera. You can read my review here.

The Everyday Sling is a small shoulder bag, just big enough for a mirrorless camera.

But on day one, I already regretted my choice. I was out all day with this heavy shoulder bag that started to hurt my shoulder. I used a normal backpack for the rest of the trip.

But this backpack had no protection for my camera, so I had to be extra careful.

For my next trip, I decided to get a proper camera bag — a backpack that is big enough for my camera and some accessories, and small enough to not draw attention to myself. One that I can bring on a plane as hand luggage. And last but not least, it should not look like a camera bag.

After comparing many backpacks, I decided to get the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L in charcoal.

There is also a 30L version available, but I will only cover the 20L.

My overall impression of the Everyday Backpack

The Everyday Backpack is a nice-looking backpack with a fancy design. It does not look too big like you have your whole household on your back. It also does not like a camera bag — at least, in my opinion.

Of course, people familiar with the Peak Design brand will recognize it as a camera bag.

The backpack is on the smaller size, but big enough for a mirrorless camera with some extra lenses — or my camera with one lens, souvenirs, and my jacket in my case.

When I go out with my camera, I usually don't plan on returning to my hotel before the evening falls. That means that I have to bring everything with me — my camera with all the necessary accessories, my jacket, umbrella, and water bottle, and I also want to have some space for souvenirs that I buy throughout the day.

All of this fits inside this backpack.

The Everyday Backpack feels sturdy. The three adjustable dividers on the inside make sure that the back cannot get squashed. I trust the backpack in protecting my camera.

In terms of waterproofness, the backpack has a 100% recycled 400D weatherproof shell that keeps everything dry. I was able to test this when I got unexpected rain in Riga.

The shoulder straps are a bit hard but comfortable. They pivot to adjust to your body to be as comfortable as possible.

And when you don't have the bag on your back, you can attach the shoulder straps to the bag with magnets so they are not flapping around — this turned out very practical while traveling.

On the outside are pockets for a water bottle or a tripod.

The bag comes with straps that you can use to strap extra stuff on the outside of the bag, like your jacket, shoes, or a tripod.

When not in use, you can store the straps inside the hidden compartment on the front of the backpack.

Opened from the top
Opened from the top

The Inside of the Everyday Backpack

The bag has an inside compartment of 20L, but you can expand this to 23L with the adjustable top latch.

You can open the top of the bag by opening the magnetic latch, which gives you access to the top compartment and a small pocket. The latch is adjustable to add 3 liters to the inside.

You access the rest of the inside through the sides. You open the sides via waterproof zippers.

The side flaps of the bag have multiple smaller pockets for all your smaller accessories.

The bag comes with three flexible and adjustable dividers.

On the back, you can access the laptop and tablet compartment. It has a pocket for a 15" or 16" laptop and a tablet and is adjustable for smaller laptops. There are also some smaller pockets for a notebook or passport.

Opened from the side
Opened from the side

A travel-friendly backpack

The backpack comes with a luggage pass-through that allows you to slide the bag over the handlebars of your suitcase. The magnetic shoulder straps come in handy here — they stay where they are.

Another great feature is the three grab handles on the top and both sides. You can easily pick up the bag, no matter how it is standing or lying.

Grab handle on the side
Grab handle on the side

My favorite features

My favorite feature is the multiple ways to open the backpack. When I need my camera, I open the side. I can easily stow my jacket through the top of the backpack — or use a few straps to secure it to the outside.

I also like the look. It does not look like a camera bag, so I can go to the not-so-touristic places without feeling uncomfortable. This backpack does not draw any attention. It helps to blend in with the locals.

In Riga, I bought a few art drawings from a street artist. These were the size of a 15"/16" laptop, so I was able to put them in the laptop compartment. This compartment is not only just a separate pocket but properly protects anything in there. When I came home, the drawings were unharmed and are now beautifully framed in my living room.

And last but not least, I love the many small pockets throughout the bag for all my smaller items. Thanks to these pockets, nothing can accidentally fall out when I open the bag.

Laptop and tablet compartment
Laptop and tablet compartment



When I buy a camera bag, I always fear it will be too small or too big. This bag has the perfect size. It fits everything I need to bring on a day in the city.

It is a day bag, though, so not suitable for longer trips. But that is not what I bought it for.

It is perfect for city trips when bringing a mirrorless camera with a few lenses and accessories, and you will still have space for other things.

It is perfect for me when I go outside early in the morning when it is still chilly. Thanks to the easily accessible and adjustable top compartment, I can store my jacket when it gets warmer outside. Or I can strap it to the outside. 

Anything I buy throughout the day also fits in the bag, so I always have my hands free for my camera.

The bag feels sturdy, and I trust it with protecting my camera.

If you ask me, this is the best camera bag I have ever had.

  • The Everyday Backpack is an amazing day bag for city trips
  • Protects your camera very well
  • Plenty of small pockets for your smaller accessories
  • Straps to strap stuff to the outside of the bag
  • Magnetic shoulder straps, so they stay attached to the back
  • Travel-friendly backpack
  • Spacious inside and fully customizable
  • Not cheap

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