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Is the Copenhagen Card Worth It?

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Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen was a dream come true for me and the key to making it an unforgettable and hassle-free experience was the Copenhagen Card. This amazing card made my trip easier and helped me save some money, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the city's fascinating beauty and culture. Let me share why I highly recommend it to fellow travelers.

What is the Copenhagen Card?

The Copenhagen Card is a digital tourist pass that gives you access to a diverse range of museums and cultural attractions in Copenhagen. Depending on the version you choose, it also allows unlimited use of public transportation within the city and to nearby towns. You can choose from different durations and it even offers free admission for children, making it family-friendly. The card is highly regarded for its cost-saving advantages and convenience as it makes exploring Copenhagen easier by providing one comprehensive pass for multiple services and attractions.

What is included in the Copenhagen Card?

The card comes in two versions; DISCOVER and HOP.

If you're a museum enthusiast, DISCOVER is like heaven on earth with access to over 80 museums and unlimited use of public transportation throughout the entire Copenhagen Capital region. You have access to the metro, buses, trains, and harbor-buses (the yellow ferries).

On the other hand, HOP covers more than 40 museums and adds the convenience of Hop on - Hop off-buses for city tours, but it doesn't include public transport, nor transport from the airport to the city.

The Copenhagen Card offers flexibility with different durations available; from 24 to 120 hours for the DISCOVER card or 24 to 72 hours for the HOP card.

You can check the official website and app of the Copenhagen Card for a list of attractions that are covered by the Copenhagen Card.

Check all included attractions in the app
Check all included attractions in the app

How to choose the best Copenhagen Card for me?

Do you want unlimited access to public transport in Copenhagen — and also in the whole Copenhagen Capital Region? Go for the DISCOVER card. For the duration of the card, I would recommend matching this with the duration of your stay to make sure you can take the metro back to the airport.

Are you more like a Hop on - Hop off bus tourist? Then go for the HOP card. The duration of this card depends on how many days you would like to visit museums and use the buses.

I went for the 120-hour DISCOVER card that covered my entire trip and also included airport transport. It turned out to be perfect for my five-day adventure! I had access to more than enough museums and I have never used public transport as much as in Copenhagen. Even my day trip to Roskilde was included in the card.

Where can you buy the Copenhagen Card?

First of all, the card is fully digital, so the only place you can buy one is online. There are multiple ways to buy the Copenhagen Card.

The easiest way to buy the card is in the official Copenhagen Card app. You can only pay with a creditcard, though.

You can also buy the Copenhagen Card at GetYourGuide, where you can buy both the DISCOVER card and the HOP card. This will give you a coupon to redeem in the Copenhagen Card app on your phone.

Buy the Copenhagen Card from your phone
Buy the Copenhagen Card from your phone

How does the Copenhagen Card work?

You need to have the Copenhagen Card app on your phone. If you have bought the card through the official app, it will already be there. You only need to activate it before you start using it.

If you have a coupon, there will be a redeem button in the app. Enter the coupon code and the card will show up. Don't forget to activate it before you start using it.

The card has two QR codes. One of them is for attractions, the other one is for public transport. Just show the correct one upon entering an attraction. The QR code will be scanned by an employee and you can enter. You can only enter each attraction once, though. If you would like to come back the next day, you will have to buy a ticket. Keep this in mind when you are planning your visits. For example, don't visit Tivoli just before closing time — you will regret it.

As for public transport, you don't need to scan the code when you are entering a vehicle. This will trigger your phone to check in with your transit card — which in my case is my debit card — and you will pay double. Just show the correct QR code when you are being asked to by personnel.

The Copenhagen Card claims to work offline, but I did run into a few hiccups in areas with weak internet connections. It wasn't a deal-breaker, but something to be aware of, especially if you plan to use the card frequently. I recommend opening the app before you walk into a museum since many museums are historical buildings with thick walls.

Since the Copenhagen Card is digital-only, keeping your phone charged is a must. I use my phone to navigate through the city, so at the end of the day, my battery is almost dead. Keep this in mind if you have to take public transport back to your hotel.

What is the price of the Copenhagen Card?

The Copenhagen Card offers an affordable option with prices starting at just €62 / $69 / GBP 54 for a 24-hour duration. I opted for the 120-hour card, which cost me €148. If this sounds expensive to you, don't forget that Denmark is a relatively expensive country for visitors. In fact, Copenhagen is the most expensive city I've ever visited.

The Copenhagen Card becomes even more appealing if you're traveling with kids. With every adult card purchased, two children under 12 can join for free. This will make your family adventure not only more economical but also more enjoyable. The Copenhagen Card gives access to Tivoli — one of the oldest theme parks in the world — where you and your kids will have an amazing time.


HoursAdult (16+)Junior (12-15)Kids (3-11)

HOP card

HoursAdult (16+)Junior (12-15)Kids (3-11)

Is the Copenhagen Card worth the money?

Copenhagen is brimming with cultural treasures, and if you're like me, museums are at the top of your must-see list. The Copenhagen Card offered unbeatable value for me. After just a couple of museum visits, I already felt like I had made up for my initial investment.

One of the standout features of the Copenhagen Card is how it simplifies your journey. No need to fumble around with different tickets or worry about understanding the local public transport system. With your phone in hand, everything becomes a breeze. Just make sure you have your phone charged.

As I said before, the DISCOVER card is not limited to the city alone. I also used it for a day trip to Roskilde, the former capital city of Denmark, where I explored fascinating museums and historical sites. It was a day trip well worth taking. I had an amazing day in Roskilde learning about the Viking Age and the history of Denmark. You can read about my adventure in my post about my 5-day city trip to Copenhagen (and Roskilde). Thanks to the DISCOVER card, this day trip came at no additional cost (except lunch and souvenirs).

My hotel in Copenhagen was right next to a metro station. The metro took me to the city center in under 5 minutes. Next to the metro station was a harbor bus that I was able to take to Reffen, which is known as a street food paradise. As you can imagine, public transport was my best friend and it was all covered by the DISCOVER card.



In conclusion, my Copenhagen adventure was made significantly better by the Copenhagen Card. As I walked through Copenhagen's beautiful streets and enjoyed the history and culture, I wished more cities offered such a valuable pass (come on Riga!). It's your golden ticket to unlocking Copenhagen's treasures and fully immersing yourself in the city's captivating charm. Don't leave home without it!

  • Gives access to 80+ attractions and public transport in the whole Copenhagen area with the DISCOVER card
  • Or access to 40+ attractions and Hop on - Hop off buses with the HOP card
  • No fumbling around with tickets anymore
  • Only digitally available, so you always need your smartphone
  • Makes you want to spend more time in Copenhagen



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