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Top 5 Things To Do in Tallinn

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Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the captivating capital of Estonia is a picturesque destination that effortlessly combines heritage with modern elegance. Its preserved Old Town, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site captivates travelers from all corners of the globe with its cobblestone streets, medieval buildings and vibrant cultural atmosphere. Tallinn offers an array of attractions; from museums and trendy neighborhoods to stunning parks and scenic viewpoints. Let's explore the things to do in Tallinn to ensure you make the most of your visit.

1. Immerse Yourself in Tallinn's Old Town

Embark on your Tallinn adventure by discovering the heart of the city—the enchanting Old Town. Step back in time as you wander through its winding streets, marvel at the fortress walls and stumble upon hidden courtyards and delightful squares. Be sure not to miss landmarks like Toompea Castle, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and St. Olafs Church, which boasts vistas from its tower. Explore the boutiques, galleries and cozy cafés that line the streets and indulge in the history and architectural marvels of this UNESCO gem.

2. Discover Kadriorg Park and Palace

Escape the city center and find serenity in Kadriorg Park. This expansive green sanctuary is home to the Kadriorg Palace, an architectural masterpiece commissioned by Peter the Great. Make sure to visit the Kadriorg Art Museum situated in the palace, where you can explore a collection of art spanning from the 16th to the 20th century. Take a walk through the maintained gardens appreciate the charming statues scattered throughout and find a peaceful spot by the picturesque Swan Pond.

3. Visit the Seaplane Harbour Museum

If you have an interest in history, a visit to the Seaplane Harbour Museum is a must. This interactive museum is housed in a historic seaplane hangar and offers a journey into Estonias rich seafaring heritage. Explore a collection of vessels, including submarines, seaplanes and naval ships. Engage with hands on exhibits experience the thrill of piloting a seaplane through simulations and uncover tales from Estonias maritime past.

4. Experience the Bohemian Vibes of Kalamaja

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of Kalamaja, a neighborhood located beyond the city center. This vibrant district is known for its flair and hipster vibes making it an epicenter of creativity and innovation. Wander through its streets adorned with captivating street art, browse through boutiques offering unique finds and treat yourself to the diverse and lively food scene. Ensure you pay a visit to Telliskivi Creative City, an complex transformed into a thriving haven for artists, vintage shops, cozy cafés and numerous cultural events, throughout the year.

5. Climb Toompea Hill and Enjoy the Views

To witness views that stretch beyond Tallinns rooftops make your way up Toompea Hill. This elevated area is home to some attractions, such as the Toompea Castle, the Estonian Parliament building and various observatories. Make sure to visit the Kohtuotsa and Patkuli observatories for views of the city's skyline. You'll have an amazing opportunity to take some photographs.


Tallinn effortlessly captures the hearts of its visitors with its enchanting vibe, cultural treasures and lively atmosphere. Whether you're strolling through the streets of the Old Town exploring the picturesque Kadriorg Park, diving into maritime history at the Seaplane Harbour Museum, or soaking up the artistic vibes of Kalamaja, Tallinn offers a wide range of experiences that cater to all types of travelers. Get ready to be spellbound by this Baltic gem as you discover Estonias captivating capitals history and modern allure.

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Tallinn is known for being the capital and largest city of Estonia and has a population of around 450,000 people.

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Things to do in Tallinn