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The Top 3 Dutch Cheese Markets You Need To Visit In The Netherlands

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Cheese for sale in The Netherlands

As someone who appreciates the deliciousness of Dutch cheese, there's truly no better place to satisfy your cravings than in the Netherlands. This country has a deep rooted tradition of cheese making and one of the most captivating ways to immerse yourself in this cultural experience is by visiting the renowned cheese markets. Let's embark on a virtual journey through three prominent cheese markets in The Netherlands; Alkmaar, Edam and Gouda.

1. Alkmaar Cheese Market

Situated in the enchanting town of Alkmaar in North Holland, the Alkmaar Cheese Market is an absolute paradise for any cheese enthusiast. This vibrant market has been a cherished tradition for centuries and takes place every Friday from April to September. As soon as 10;00 AM rolls around, Waagplein—the market square—bursts into life with an array of vibrant colors and enticing aromas.

Local farmers and skilled cheesemakers come together to showcase their finest creations, each wheel meticulously crafted using traditional methods that have been passed down through countless generations. The highlight of this market is undoubtedly the traditional ceremony where immense rounds of cheese are weighed on antique scales by enthusiastic carriers dressed in authentic costumes.These Dutch cheese markets offer a captivating experience that will transport you back in time and make you appreciate the rich Dutch heritage.

2. Edam Cheese Market

Edam, a charming town in North Holland, boasts its own famous cheese market. While not as large or frequent as Alkmaar's, the Edam Cheese Market is equally mesmerizing. It takes place every Wednesday from July to August on Jan van Nieuwenhuizenplein, surrounded by cobblestone streets and picturesque canals.

At this market, local cheesemakers proudly showcase their delicious Edam and Gouda cheeses renowned for their unique flavors and textures. Visitors have the opportunity to witness captivating cheese making demonstrations and delve into the rich history and cultural significance of Edam cheese.

3. Gouda Cheese Market

A discussion of Dutch cheese markets would be incomplete without mentioning Gouda, one of the most renowned cheese varieties worldwide. The Gouda Cheese Market held in South Holland's city of Gouda is an extravagant event that attracts cheese enthusiasts from across the globe.

From April to August, every Thursday between 10;00 AM to 12;30 PM, Markt square in Gouda transforms into a vibrant hub of lively cheese trading activities.

Gorgeous rounds of authentic Gouda cheese, ranging from young and mild to aged and full of flavor, are beautifully showcased by local cheesemakers. Like other markets, the Gouda Cheese Market also includes the traditional cheese weighing ceremony, creating a joyful atmosphere that honors the heritage of Dutch cheese.

Useful Tips for Visitors

  • Get there early to secure a great spot to witness the cheese weighing ceremonies and other market activities.
  • Try out different flavors and types of cheese; don't hesitate to ask for recommendations from the knowledgeable cheese vendors.
  • Bring cash as some vendors may not accept credit cards.
  • Capture the charming scenes with your camera, but also take some time to fully immerse yourself in the authentic experience.


In conclusion, the cheese markets in Alkmaar, Edam and Gouda provide a special opportunity to explore the essence of Dutch cheese culture. Whether you're a passionate cheese lover or simply intrigued by cheese making traditions, these markets will surely leave a memorable impression.

So mark your calendars and embark on a delightful adventure filled with delicious Dutch cheeses that will tantalize your taste buds and introduce you to rich cultural heritage!

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